Speech of Bauke Toshio Talens during the MOFA-reception in Tokyo, 16 Nov. 2005

(Japantrip 4-18 November, 2005)

Dear Mr. Kono and other distinquished guests,

Last year, during the last EKNJ-trip to Japan, we never could expect that a delegation of JIN-members and SAKURA-sponsors would be able to visit Japan with their own assimiliationtrip only one year later.

It was a big and unexpected surprise when we heard that the Japanese Government will grant the Japanese Indonesian Dutch Descendants a five years during programm in which every year ten persons will have the opportunity to visit Japan.

We are very greatful and want to thank the Japanese Embassy in the Netherlands, the Japanese Governement of Foreign Affairs, the boards of JIN and SAKURA and the President of the discontinude EKNJ-foundation for their efforts to make this project possible.

And here we are, the first group and almost at the end of our trip.

We all are deeply impressed and emotionally touched when we put our first steps on our fatherland. Especially the ones who have been here for the first time.

Some of us have been in Japan before, but I am sure, not speaking for myself but for all who are present here, that any time we will have the opportunity to visit Japan, we will be touched by its hearty welcome as we experience now.

The receptions of the Japanese dignitaries, the commemorations in Mizumaki and Nagasaki, the school visits at the Elementary school and Junior Highschool at Mizumaki, the retroprospects in Hirado, Dejima and Nagasaki, the excursions in the beautiful cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, it is almost impossible to express the impact of this trip on our lives at this moment. But be sure, it will change our lives, it will be an enormously completion of our state of mind.

The presentation of the FESCO-Award this morning to Mr. Kaoru Uchiyama under your auspices in the presence of His and Her Royal Highness the Prince and Princess Hitachi was another highlight during this trip.

Mr Uchiyama who is helping us since more than 10 years to find our fathers in respect with the Japanese families, is very important for those who are still looking for their fathers. We are very pleased that the nomination by Mrs. Yoko Huys, Mrs. Rozendaal and Dr. O. Namba has been granted.

Another extraordinary effect is that his efforts have been lead to harmony between Japanand Holland. Even when it seems to be just for a small group, it has been recognized as very important for those who are involved and their relatives.

And last but not least we have to mention the possibility to meet members of our Japanese families, meeting old friends we have met in the Netherlands or in Japan, or meeting friends to whom we have written letters until now only. Every moment of this trip is a new indelible impression and an enrichment of our lives.

Dear mr. Kono and all who are present now. I am willing and able to tell you much more, but do have only short time. Therefore I will finish with the words “Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to visit our fatherland and experience the feelings we had hidden inside”

Arigato Gozaimasu


Bauke Toshio Talens

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