Yuki Sunada in Jakarta

yuki-sunadaYesterday in Jakarta, 26 september 2014, Yuki Sunada received
a Gold Award in the category Short Documentary for her movie about ‘Japans Indische Nakomelingen’, titled CHILDREN’s TEARS at IMA, International Movie Awards festival.

The 49 minute movie will be screened next Wednesday in L’ínstitut Francais d’Indonésie (IFI). Friends in Jakarta: please go and see and inform you  Yuki has been working in this projewt for years. The theme is ”searching for Japanese fathers’. Last year in June 2013 the last shots were taken at Nippy Noya’s Concert in Utrecht. It was a very happy occasion because many JI-descendants and supporters in Holland attended this concert.

The film was sponsored by the vereniging JIN and the stichting Sakura, who organised the concert together. A generous contribution was made by the Japanese Netherlands Culture Centre, directed by Masako and Nobuo Yoshioka. Valuable help was given to Yuki san by Yukari Tangena and Eveline Buchheim. And by camera man Ernst de Groot. Yuki interviewed Dutch Japanese Descendants; in the movie included are Nippy Noya, Mary Dehne, Ron MIMA-2eijer and his mother. And of course Uchiyama san. We do not know yet when the movie can be seen in Holland.





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